Lorryn Smit

October 12, 2015

A baby girl is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous.
— Unknown


J.J. and Erica are a young couple living in Gwangju who just added a beautiful new member to their family: little Emilyn Briony. What a gorgeous name right?!?!

I loved that this session was filled with small details that Erica either made or brought along from her childhood. The blanket in particular was my favorite. Erica started making it while waiting at the hospital for the arrival of Emilyn Briony but had to stop for a while when she went into labour. She marked that moment with a little bow, making it a wonderful keepsake of baby’s birth. She managed to finish it just in time for our session.

This little sweater was Erica’s when she was a baby and I love that she brought it along for her daughter to be photographed in it too!

Grandma came along for a few pictures with her new granddaughter too. So much love in her eyes for baby!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous sight to see a family so in love with their new little bundle! I had to stop myself from taking a million pictures…

J.J. and Erica thank you so much for inviting me to document your wonderful new family. Your warmth and love made for a wonderful afternoon of photography! There is nothing sweeter in this world than the smell of your baby, happy coos and gentle kisses. Congratulations once again on your happy little bundle!



[Gwangju Family Session]: The Billet Family

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