Lorryn Smit

May 28, 2017

I love your feet because they have wandered over the earth through the wind and water.
Until they brought you to me.
— Pablo Neruda

On a crisp morning I arrive at the makeup shop where Tae-hyung and Sun-a have chosen to get ready. She is sitting quietly and drinking her coffee while he is hanging out with his dad. They all welcome me with warm smiles and after introductions I get set up. I started with Tae-hyung and his dad and after a few pictures he stops me and says, “Please focus on Sun-a today, this is her day.” These words have stayed with me ever since. It’s pretty rare for Korean couples to experience these kinds of wedding day emotions as the culture here surrounding the whole day is very different than the “west”.

It was a beautiful and happy day for this couple and their families. Tae-hyung was constantly telling me how beautiful Sun-a looks and how lucky he feels. I was very happy to be part this family-affair and especially around a couple with so much adoration for each other. This makes my job so much more meaningful! 


Once everyone was done with hair and makeup, we went off to the dress shop to get Sun-a into her beautiful gown, and then it was time to head out to the wedding hall. I had the luxury of a lot of extra time (very rare in this business) and so we could make some awesome portraits before their guests arrived.


Then it was time for the ceremony:


Tae-hyoung’s friends prepared a song for the couple to which he sang along to joyfully and then Sun-a’s students preformed for the couple too.

And finally it was time for the traditional tea-ceremony in honor of the groom’s parents:

Tae-hyung and Sun-a, thank you for a wonderful day! I wish you many, many more happy memories in the next years to come!

[Gwangju Bailey Convention Wedding]: Tae-hyung and Sun-a

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