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September 6, 2017

“The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.”Thomas Jefferson


Three years ago this lovely family came to me to photograph their little girl’s 100th day milestone.  Later that year I was at her first birthday party. In the meantime they stayed in touch, always sending pictures of Eunchae growing up. I love this journey that I walk with the families I photograph. Seeing the kids grow up and the love and happiness between the families is so special to me. 

Earlier this year the Jang family announced the birth of their son, Joo Won. Unfortunately, Joo Won was a little sick for a few months and we weren’t able to get his 100 days photos done but we made it for the 6 month mark!

I took the family to my favorite studio in Gwangju for their session. I wanted the photos to be similar to the first pictures we did and I love this place because it’s all white and super kid friendly! Joo Won could crawl and play freely and just have fun with me! While Granny got him dressed and ready I decided to play with Eunchae and her parents.


I love that Granny was also present for the pictures. Someday these photos of them playing with her will mean so much to them!

Eunchae and Gran sat down for a minute to get a drink of water and have a snack but Joo Won was still having far too much fun! So I got some awesome portraits of him.

At the end of the session rain was pouring down and the children seemed fascinated by it and wanted to take a closer look outside. Completely in awe of the rain I was able to get some beautiful moments between them and their parents. So special!

Being part of another special milestone in the Jang-family’s life is so precious to me. It kind of feels like I’ve become an extended family member to them and I look forward to the next big step in their lives!!

[Gwangju Lifestyle Family Session]: The Jang Family

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