Lorryn Smit

September 22, 2019

“I have waited for this opportunity for more than half a century, to repeat to you once again my vow of eternal fidelity and everlasting love.” —Gabriel García Márquez


This couple is the closest you’ll get to perfection, and so I was extremely flattered when Jason and Joanne Son chose me to be their wedding photographer. You’ve all heard of the “fairy tale wedding”, well this is it right here! Carefully planned down to the last detail, the Son wedding was magical, and magic is what I hope shines through in this blog post.

Jason and Joanne’s teaching careers have taken them all over the world, including Canada, which they called home for quite some time, and where they met. Jason originally from Korea, and Joanne from Thailand, have settled in Seoul for now. Their wedding was an intimate affair, including only family and close friends from as far as Canada.


As with all weddings, the day began with a busy session of hair and make up for the bride, contrasted by a of bit R&R for the groom haha. His friends had taken him out unexpectedly the night before and he was trying to catch some zzz’s before they made their way to the wedding venue La Vie Douce in central Seoul.

The reception was a true CELEBRATION of this happy union with much laughing, crying (happy tears), mingling, eating, drinking and last but not least, a lot of dancing (including the little guy busting some serious moves)!! The couple once again added a fun and unique touch by sharing their travels and adventures with their guests in the form of a “guess the location” game. This was a terrific reception party to end off a beautiful ceremony!


On a personal note, I loved capturing the emotions of this wedding. Some sad (when remembering loved ones not there, but mostly HAPPY smiles and raucous laughter!!

Jason and Joanne, I wish you much love and happiness!



[Seoul La Vie Douce Wedding]: Jason & Joanne