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Lorryn Smit

November 16, 2022

As the beautiful autumn leaves fall gracefully from the sky, there’s no better way to capture your pre-wedding memories than in an adventure session through Damyang’s spectacular natural scenery! An idyllic destination for a romantic escape, South Korea boasts breath-taking outdoor backdrops of rolling hillsides and vibrant coloured foliage during this season — giving you mesmerizing photos that will last a lifetime. After all, doesn’t everyone dream of snapping those perfect pictures amidst nature with the one they love?

It’s a modern day love story! They were from opposite corners of the world, but destiny brought them together in Tokyo – two star-crossed lovers meeting at a romantic bar. After passing the night away talking until 4 am, fate had sealed their future with an unbreakable bond that nobody believes is real…but it was true and unforgettable.


L: We were planning a wedding in Korea for Ed’s side of the family and while looking for our wedding photographer and we found Lorryn through my friend who worked with her previously. She came highly recommended and so we booked a consultation session and ended up agreeing to work with Lorryn for a pre-wedding as well to get to know her before our big day. Also, how could we say no to pretty Hanbok pre-wedding photos?!

E: My family is from Korea and though Lynn is not, she is incredibly international. Her interest in Korea especially was one of the things we did connect on. I’ve actually never taken nice photos in a Hanbok either, not counting my 100 days celebration, so how could we not? Covid restrictions were finally coming to an end and Korea is particularly beautiful towards the end of the year in the fall…I wanted to share those colours and textures with Lynn too!

L: We loved Lorryn’s style and editing. The mood and colour of the photos are very natural and there are no cheesy, awkward poses. We really wanted that for our pre-wedding photos. Also, we wanted outdoor shoots in nature and Lorryn seems to have the perfect locations scouted for these!

E: I think Lynn and I are 100% on the same page when it comes to overly forced or posed photos. They can look amazing, but it’s definitely not us. Lorryn’s photos spoke to us for sure as soon as we saw them. I personally love how in many of the nature shots the couples looked so small and that smallness throws human connection into bold relief which was almost poignant!

L: We trusted Lorryn to do her thing! The day turned out to be enjoyable and we really had a lot of fun.

E: We went with Lorryn because the photos were beautiful and honestly the day flew by and really just felt like hanging out with a close friend for the day.


L: Have your outfits well prepared (especially shoes) for overseas/location pre-weddings. Multi-location shooting can take up a whole day and we were so hungry by the end of it! Bring some snacks that you can have while travelling between locations.

E: Honestly, even if you’re someone who’s not into taking photos, just have fun with it… it’s one of the best moments to have fun in beautiful locations and in clothes with your partner! You’ll have beautiful photos as proof, but you’ll remember the day as well!


L: Lorryn got us to play little games to lighten up the mood and it was great. A highlight would be her getting Ed to whisper our grocery list in a sexy voice. I died laughing.

E: We spent a good 30 mins in two locations, at the make-up studio and the tree-lined path, where I wasn’t sure if I completely screwed up my knot to fasten my Durumagi coat! We had to ask multiple “ajummas” which was hilarious!


L: We had lovely Hanboks from Park Hyun Chul! And make-up by Nocda was also great.

E: Agreed! The hanboks were so beautiful and had nice contemporary touches as well. I still wonder how Lynn would have looked in the one with the green dots! the make-up was great, so beautiful, the hair was great… Lynn looks alright as well! In all seriousness, I never thought I would be comfortable as an old-school guy in make up but Nocda was really chill and made me look so much better than me on a great hair day in my entire life!

Damyang Hanbok Pre-Wedding: Edward and Lynn

 Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your destiny.

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