Lorryn Smit

March 17, 2023

As the snow begins to blanket South Korea’s lush Damyang region, you can’t help but be filled with a sense of romantic nostalgia. If you’re considering taking pre-wedding photos in this gorgeous winter wonderland, get ready for a stunning outdoor photoshoot unlike any other! From towering trees cloaked with snow to meandering pathways that lead through forgotten villages and rolling hills — each unique location offers breathtaking backdrops perfect for your pre-wedding portraits.

With such dramatic scenes of untouched beauty, it’s no surprise why so many couples come to Damyang for their once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding photo experience.

Fate brought Zi Hui & Deborah together in the most unexpected place – their workplace. Little did they know, at that time, how easily conversation would flow between two people who couldn’t be more different! Every date since has been an adventure of exploring new cuisines and savoring them with one another’s company.


We were planning to visit Zi Hui’s relatives in South Korea and it made sense to take our pre-wedding pictures there as he’s half Korean 🙂


We had our pre-wedding shoot during the winter season in December. We liked the concept of a white and clean backdrop and the snow was perfect for our shoot! We also preferred having it outdoors, with nature as the central theme.


We were practically freezing in the cold but it was the experience and company that mattered. Thanks to Lorryn for being so kind and braved the cold with us!


Took the time and effort to do an overseas outdoor pre-wedding shoot despite the planning required (and we had lots of fun during the actual shoot day).


Plan ahead of time as there will be many small details to take note of, such as the season you prefer, choosing the shoot location, mode of transport, types of outfits (casual or formal), shoot mood board, etc.

For us, we preferred the winter season and had to ensure that we were well-equipped with heat packs and winter coats to keep us warm!


Zi Hui thought he was going to get frostbite after a day of outdoor shooting in the cold LOL

Damyang Snow Pre-Wedding: Zi Hui & Deborah

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