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Lorryn Smit

July 19, 2023

We have come to the final installment of our three-part series to help with planning your Korean wedding like a pro! Click here for part one and part two.

Multi-Cultural Korean Weddings: The Perfect Blend

Blending wedding traditions from both of your cultures is a beautiful way to honor your heritage and create a unique celebration. Consider incorporating elements like a traditional Korean tea ceremony or adding Korean-inspired décor and cuisine alongside your ceremony and reception. This seamless fusion will make your wedding truly memorable for you and your guests.

In helping couples incorporate both of their customs, Sarah strives to find creative ways to blend their cultural experiences during the planning process of their Korean wedding. While it may not be possible to include every aspect of each tradition, with modifications and thoughtful adjustments, they can still incorporate meaningful elements.

For instance, she once worked with a Vietnamese bride who wanted to incorporate a shortened version of the traditional “tea” ceremony. By adapting the ceremony to fit the timeline, they were able to share this important custom with their family members and guests.

In another case, a couple desired to infuse a traditional Korean element into their Western-style wedding. Instead of having a traditional ring bearer, the best man donned a hanbok and presented the couple with two wooden geese or ducks, symbolizing their eternal union. The MC then explained the significance of these carved geese to the guests, adding a touch of cultural symbolism to the celebration.

There are countless ways to incorporate these customs into a wedding, and each couple’s journey is unique. By thoughtfully selecting and integrating customs, not only do the couples experience a deeper connection to their heritage, but the entire wedding party and guests also have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful and enriched celebration.

Wedding Photographers in Korea

Choosing an amazing wedding photographer is crucial for capturing those precious moments of love, joy, and happiness. Look for a photographer who specializes in romantic wedding photography and understands the delicate balance of blending Western and Korean traditions.

For example; knowing that the group photos might not be important to you, but understanding that they are very special to Korean parents. Another crucial understanding is the conventional order of a Korean wedding so that he/she can help you come up with alternative ideas to replace the “bride waiting room” for example for something else. With their knack for capturing genuine emotions, your memories will come to life.

Planning a Wedding Reception in Korea

For couples planning a “Western” style reception for their wedding in Korea, it’s essential to find a venue that offers this option, as not all venues provide longer receptions. This becomes the foremost consideration in your planning process for your Korean wedding. 

While some couples opt for a separate location for an after-party following the wedding ceremony, it’s important to note that this entails arranging transportation for everyone involved. Examples of after-party venues Sarah has seen couples choose include karaoke rooms, bar lounges, clubs, or even renting out a private party room for a more intimate reception experience. 

When selecting an after-party venue in Seoul, consider the ambiance, size, and facilities that will cater to your needs and preferences. Additionally, keep in mind the logistics of transportation and ensure that the venue aligns with your desired style and atmosphere. 

By carefully considering these factors, you can plan a memorable and enjoyable reception that complements your wedding ceremony, allowing you and your guests to celebrate in a way that reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

And so, we conclude our three-part series to assist you in planning your wedding in Korea. I hope that throughout this series, I have provided you with valuable insights and inspiration to create a celebration that combines the best of multicultural traditions. Remember, planning a destination wedding in South Korea may seem overwhelming, but with thorough research, careful organization, and the support of bilingual wedding vendors, you can navigate the process with ease. Trust in the expertise of local professionals to guide you and embrace the captivating landscapes, rich traditions, and the promise of a lifetime of cherished memories that South Korea offers.

Now, armed with the knowledge and inspiration from this guide, it’s time to make your dream wedding a reality. Your dreamy wedding in South Korea awaits!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Dreamy Wedding in South Korea: Part Three

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