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Lorryn Smit

September 14, 2023

Welcome to your dream engagement destination – Damyang, Korea! A nature-lovers paradise, this place is full of breathtakingly romantic and lush landscapes that are perfect for couples planning a special photoshoot before their wedding. Zech & Mikenna spent an incredible day exploring these scenic pathways, vibrant terrains, and serene springs so that they could create magical photos capturing some of their most beautiful moments together. Here are some highlights from their afternoon in the Korean countryside:

Zech & Mikenna’s love story blossomed in the sunny halls of a Florida school, and, against all odds, continued to flourish across miles and time zones for two whole years. It was as if the heavens themselves smiled upon them, granting them both the opportunity to embark on a new adventure in the enchanting land of Korea. Their hearts are bound by a shared love for food, basking in nature’s embrace, and the joy that comes from laughter and playful banter. Every moment spent abroad is cherished, as it allows them to witness and experience all the wonders this foreign land has to offer, a world away from the comforts of home.


This is our first time being stationed together away from home and this is the starting place of the beginning of the rest of our life together.


Be yourself and have fun. Don’t try to make things too perfect.


When Zechariah was freaking out in the back of the car because we were driving on the sidewalk going to the river and Lorryn and I were completely chill and laughing because were just dumb foreigners if anyone confronted us


Lorryn made us feel special to her and did everything she could to make it easy for us. Everything she did was intentional and she made us laugh and we were completely comfortable.

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Damyang Pre-wedding: Zech & Mikenna

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