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May 6, 2016

You are, and always have been, my dream.
— Unknown


On a cloudy afternoon Sungwan and Gongji celebrated their marriage with their friends and family at a beautiful wedding hall here in Gwangju. Despite the gloomy weather I will always remember this day as a beautiful one. Sungwan and Gongji are one of my favorite couples to date. Their love is simple, comfortable, happy and wonderfully unique. I caught myself a few times just watching them as they got ready for the ceremony, instead photographing everything else (oops!).

This artist duo still appreciate the beauty of Korean tradition. So for their pre-wedding and their wedding day they combined the past and present. Gongji decided to go with a stunning white hanbok instead of a white gown. She was absolutely glowing! Everything was simple, elegant and unique. A true representative of the the essence of these two wonderful people! If you can’t already tell, I loved every minute of this wedding!

Gongji and her sisters were all able to get ready together while Sungwan played with the children, after which the pair slipped away to get ready.

Then it was time to greet the guests…..


After some happy reunions and introductions is was ceremony time.



Finally, we moved on to the tradtional tea ceremony (폐백). This is where the bride and groom perform greeting rituals to the groom’s family and where the bride officially becomes part of the groom’s family.


Sungwan and Gongji, it has been an absolute pleasure to be apart of your marriage! You have given me beautiful memories that I will treasure forever! Thank you for your kindness and for choosing me to document your love! May your marriage be blessed and happy forever and ever!


[Gwangju Jay-Art Convention Wedding]: Sungwan and Gongji

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