Lorryn Smit

September 17, 2016

“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.” 
―Maya Angelou


A pregnant woman is such a beautiful sight to me. Glowing skin, a sparkle of excitement in the eyes and a beautiful smile every time she gets to talk about her new baby. When Erin was carrying her second baby, she was looking so gorgeous and when it was finally time to take some pictures I was very excited.

I wanted to create very simple, intimate pictures for her to remember this incredible time between her and her new baby. Of course, her husband and daughter had to be included as they play a big part in her memories, too. So we decided to go and have some fun with Sun and Minnah first and get personal after…

After a very fun time (it’s hard not to laugh every second at Sun and Minnah), it was time to create something more personal for my pretty mamma. Erin’s body was looking so incredibly beautiful and she has an alluring sense of self-confidence about her. I was one happy photographer and together we made some stunning pictures.


[Gwangju Maternity Session] Blessed with another

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