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December 5, 2019

In You I have found the love of my life and my closest, truest friend.

Han Da and Stacey traveled from the Philippines for their prenup photographs. As Han Da is Korean-born (among other reasons) they decided on beautiful Korea as their destination location. Korea is majestic in the autumn months and so, Han Da and Stacey had only one requirement: breathtaking autumn scenes.

This love story began in the 3rd grade when Han Da & Stacey met as classmates and have been fast friends ever since. Besides the obvious love they have for one another, the qualities that finally brought them together as a couple is their strong Christian faith and the bond of trust they share. Han Da’s proposal was very unique. In all my time as a photographer, I’ve never heard one quite as astounding as this: “In December 2013, our circle of friends decided to write messages for each other and put them in a time capsule. Coincidentally I couldn’t think of anything to write about Stacey except that I’ve always admired her for her spirituality and intellect. 5 years and many ex’s later, we opened the time capsule just when it was the right time for me to propose. I used my message as my proposal and everyone was caught by surprise! They had a simple Chinese-style engagement ceremony with family and close friends where they formally announced their engagement.

Our first location took us to Metasequoia Road in Damyang. This almost 5km long boulevard is lined on either side with tall, majestic Metasequoia trees. Although the leaves hadn’t quite turned to autumn colors yet, the lush, almost golden foliage did not disappoint. Han Da & Stacey are a fun, hip, young couple with an impeccable sense of style and fashion. They stepped out onto the boulevard with flair and confidence, passersby would be forgiven for thinking this was a magazine shoot.

Even on the day, I’m always keeping an eye out while driving to location to location, for little unexpected gems that could add an extra special touch to my clients’ session. I found two 🙂 For some reason the foliage on the trees along the Damyang River had indeed began showing off Autumn colors. With the couple’s choice of an Autumn theme ever planted in the back of mind, we made a quick stop. Here I captured the fun-loving side of Han Da & Stacey just hanging out and being a little silly with one another. Han Da singing love songs out loud to Stacey come to mind 🙂 For a little added softness & romance, I thought Damyang’s Pink Muhle field would be the perfect spot for an impromptu stop to get some pictures of the couple strolling hand-in-hand through the pink haze of tiny blooms.

After our little de-tour, we reached our next location, Soswaewon Gardens, for the Hanbok-dress part of the shoot. This traditional Korean style garden is rich in history, dating all the way back to the 1500’s. Together with the perfect lighting, it created the Korean “King & Queen” Drama feel I was after for this set of pictures. Han Da & Stacey, dressed in Hanboks designed especially for them, really embraced the mood. Recreating royalty from the Joseon Dynasy.

Our final location was Gwangju Lake Ecopark with its magnificent tall trees, bridges and of course beautiful lake. Stacy wore a stunning red dress (made by her designer sister) and Han Da a very dashing black suit. This couple are just so in tune with one other and their surroundings. They knew exactly what I wanted from this (and every other) part of the shoot before I even asked for it. In these pictures they really turned it on! Bringing with them an eclectic combination of pazazz, attitude and Vogue-style!


I had so much fun with this couple. They are spontaneous, fun & enlightened! 

Thank you for an amazing day out Han Da & Stacey.

I wish you all the best for your wedding in January.

Be happy,


[Damyang/Gwangju Pre-Wedding] Han-da & Stacy

 Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your destiny.

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