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August 16, 2019

“Every heart sings a song incomplete until another whispers back.” -Plato


This beautiful couple contacted me to do their formal wedding photos later this October. Hyun Jin is a fireman and Annemie (a fellow South African), is a teacher. I was totally over the moon that the couple had decided to make the four-hour trip from Gyeongju to consult with me in person about their session. Let me explain why…… Most “long distance” clients consult with me via email and the occasional text msg or phone call before we finally get to meet in person on the day of their photo session. I cannot stress enough just how much value meeting clients face to face beforehand adds to their shoot. It gives me SO MUCH MORE insight into their personality, style, preferences and the way they interact with each other. I do believe that the magic I managed to capture between Hyun Jin and Annemie in this shoot was a direct result of our face to face encounter beforehand. 

I met the couple at a coffee shop to discuss and plan the locations for their wedding photos, and also just to hang out a little. As a token of my appreciation for their effort and expense in coming to Gwangju, I agreed to take a few pictures of the couple for their wedding invitations. I approached this session as kind of “dress rehearsal” for October’s shoot to get Hyun Jin and Annemie comfortable in front of my lens and picture perfect.

I decided that the beautiful sunsets through the trees of Bienalle Park would be the perfect setting and just as radiant as Annemie’s gorgeous smile. As for Hyun Jin, well who doesn’t like a man in a uniform *wink*.  These two are crazy about one another and not afraid to show it! What was supposed to be just a few quick pictures, turned out to be some of the best pictures I’ve captured in forever thanks to this gorgeous couple!

Hyun Jin & Annemie, thank you for entrusting me with your memories. I cannot wait for October when we do this all again!



[Gwangju Couple Session] Hyun Jin and Annemie

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