Lorryn Smit

August 1, 2019

“For this child we have prayed” 1 Samuel 1:27


Danny is Korean and lives in the US with his wife Laura, a photographer herself. I was quite honored when she asked me to document this for her as she has such an impressive portfolio and has documented an adoption before. You can see more of Laura’s work here. When the decision was made to start a family, the couple opted to adopt a Korean child. Laura felt that God had placed little Joey on their path, she was perfect for them! On completion of the adoption process in February of this year, they contacted me to document their first couple of days together in Seoul. Our 1st location was at a nearby park with some pretty Korean architecture as it was important for Danny and Laura that Joey have a reminder of her Korean heritage one day. 

 Joey is a smiling bundle of energy and personality!! She literally lights up whatever her tiny little feet touch!! A bit like a luminous, VERY bouncy ball and unstoppable once she got going! Joey was spontaneously very affectionate with Laura, and so when she inevitably tripped over her own little feet, she immediately looked to her new mommy for comfort. I managed to capture this very touching moment on camera. We also met up with Danny and Laura’s best friends, who took custody of their child on the same day (more of their session later). We wanted to get some pictures of the two little ones playing together. Both families are already planning their wedding 😉

After a very busy day in the park we headed back to their hotel where Danny and Laura just wanted to hang out with their little girl. I hung back to get some candid pictures of the family spending some precious bonding time together reading Joey’s favorite book and getting her ready for her nap.

I had so much fun taking pictures of this family. Joey has a personality larger than life! The strong bond of love and trust that Danny and Laura formed so quickly with their little girl was very special to me.

Danny and Laura, May God bless your precious family and may Joey never lose her swag!

Thank you for entrusting me with these amazing memories…..


[Seoul Family Photography]: And Joey makes 3

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