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February 14, 2020

“I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” Your Song – Sir Elton John


Wilson and Younglee have been living in Gwangju for a while, a city they both hold dear, and a city that has embraced them with its delightful food, peaceful suburban life and wonderful city (outskirts) nature.  

They both have many things in common like hiking, traveling, taking on short adventures and are especially fond of the fall season, as the days become shorter, the air is crisp and the leaves shed from the maple trees. This was one of the main reasons why they decided to hold their wedding at the most beautiful time of the year according to Younglee.

The ceremony was held in Gwangju. It was gorgeous and classic, surrounded by timeless elegance, sophistication and detail.  Although they come from different cultural backgrounds, the combination of their individual traditions incorporated into the ceremony, created a beautiful connective thread  linking their families together. Guests came from all corners of Korea as well as the United States, Wilson’s home country.  It was the perfect opportunity for family and friends who hadn’t seen one other in a while, to catch up. Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it, I’d heard before.

Younglee wore a stunning wedding gown dripping with glistening beads, and Wilson’s attire was an elegant, classic tailored black tuxedo. “That moment when the doors opened and I saw her beaming with that big, wide, beaming smile that she has… it was as if I was hit by a truck and the moment when I realized  I was going to be spending the rest of my life with this person. It was quite a special feeling.” Wilson remembers.

For both of them exchanging vows was one of the most significant moments of the ceremony. As they recall “just sharing our commitment to constantly strive to improve as husband and wife in front of all the people was truly a special feeling”

Fall is my favorite season as well, the season when I once again can wrap myself in a warm scarf during a chilly day, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Although the season is gone, I treasure the memories of having been invited to take part in such an exceptional wedding day. I’m grateful to Wilson and Younglee for this beautiful fond memory and opportunity.

I wish you a very happy life ahead, and an eternity of unforgettable memories not only in the fall but in every other season.  


[Gwangju With Us Wedding] Wilson and Younglee

 Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your destiny.

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