Lorryn Smit

January 8, 2020

Maybe you’re the sun and I’m the moon and were never supposed to collide, but wouldn’t it be spectacular if we did.
— Ais


I met Jaypee (a fellow photographer) on a Facebook photography group sometime ago in 2015. We’ve followed each other’s work since. The couple became friends on Facebook too through a mutual friend. Jaypee asked Kriem to model for him in a portrait shoot, she agreed, and their journey to something quite incredible began. When I asked Kriem what attracted them to each other she replied: “To be honest I really don’t know! We are like I’m iOS and he is Android, but yeah opposite poles do attract.”

Jaypee introduced Kriem to my work in 2015. She loved my style and decided then that one day I would take their pictures. As fate would have it, our paths crossed in 2017 where Kriem was one of the models at a shoot I did for the Vday Gwangju Vagina Monologues Campaign. She asked me then that if she and Jaypee should ever tie the knot, if I would take their wedding pictures. I may have blushed just a little… 

When Jaypee proposed, the stars would just not align with our busy schedules, and the couple ended up getting married in May 2019 without a pre-wedding or wedding shoot. Then finally in fall 2019 everything fell into place.

We moved onto the Asian Culture Complex in downtown Gwangju. We were going for an urban feel with the complex’s eclectic mix of modern architecture including simple, yet dramatic line and textures, against the soft and pretty vines & foliage. We worked with the lines and minimalism to compliment Jaypee’s taste and Kriem was just there, looking beautiful. The couple revealed their spontaneous, fun side, effortlessly portraying what they wanted from every shot.

Our final location was Gwangju Eco Park. Possibly my favorite location for this time of year. The forest is lush with autumn foliage and the late afternoon sun sends perfect rays of golden light through its trees creating a soft and romantic setting. Wearing a princess-like pink tulle skirt, Kriem floated alongside her groom as they strolled hand-in-hand through the forest. The perfect ending to the perfect day.

Jaypee and Kriem, it was very special to me to be a part of your love story! Something I won’t forget…


Be happy,


[Gwangju Pre-wedding] Jaypee and Kriem

 Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your destiny.

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