Lorryn Smit

January 22, 2020

Home is not a place, but rather, the people you love
— Jodi Picoult


Meet the Mynhardts (who have made the letter “L” their own).

Lisa & Louis (a South African couple) have called Gwangju home for the past 12 years. The couple met at University and settled in South Korea. About six years ago they started their beautiful family. Being of South African decent and born in Korea, Lerene, Larkin & Lerissa, have quite a story of their own to tell their children one day.


I have been photographing Lisa’s family for some time now. Documenting every pregnancy and new born along the way as this beautiful family have grown. This has been pretty special for me as I too have grown as a photographer over the years. Looking back at their previous family pictures is pretty cool, it’s a visual representation of growth. Not only the children but for me as a photographer too.

Gwangju Eco Park is one of my favorite autumn locations. The colors, lighting and foliage never disappoint this time of year! The Mynhardt girls are an adventurous and free spirited bunch, and so the park’s open spaces allowed them the freedom to move about and explore its little gems along our way. The girls especially enjoyed the forest. It’s quite magical and very easily captures the active imaginations of small children. 

There’s no denying the wonderful uniqueness of this family. Lisa & Louis you’ve done a great job of raising 3 very happy little girls. Thank you for including me in your journey!



[Gwangju Family Photography]: The Mynhardts

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