Bride and groom walking down the aisle at an outdoor wedding ceremony with guests seated on either side, surrounded by floral decorations and string lights.

Lorryn Smit

April 24, 2024

What’s love? To some, it’s magic that binds souls; to others, it’s a choice to grow together. Madai and Goobin’s love blends both—deep and resilient. They evolved from chance encounters to a heartfelt autumn wedding in Seoul. Their journey highlights their strong bond, filled with personal touches that honor their love story.

A couple kissing at the end of the aisle during an outdoor wedding ceremony, surrounded by seated guests and autumnal foliage.

A Love Like No Other

Madai and Goobin’s love is destiny – their story overcomes time and distance. Madai once remarked, “It started slow, then suddenly, I knew I was head over heels.” Their love is a daily promise, committing to each other through everything. Nowadays, while many explore options, Madai and Goobin found their forever early. They’ve been each other’s support, providing peace and certainty amidst chaos.

The Perfect Autumn Setting for a wedding

Madai always dreamt of a wedding in an autumn meadow – think earthy tones, sunset warmth, and that crisp fall air. Picture-perfect, right? They couldn’t snag a grand field, but Luna de Blanc in Seoul? It was intimate, charming, and had that serene, private vibe they were both after for their big day.

Mixing traditional with a Western twist just goes to show, that weddings are less about sticking to the rules and more about what feels right for the couple. At Luna de Blanc, they got to paint their day with their own colors, making up new traditions and special moments along the way.

Planning a Western-Style Wedding in Seoul

Madai and Goobin totally flipped the script on their wedding, turning it into a masterclass in creativity and guts. They threw the rule book out the window to create something that truly felt like them. Pulling off a Western-style wedding in Korea wasn’t easy, but man, was it worth it. They ended up throwing a bash that set them apart as true trailblazers, reinventing tradition and culture to celebrate their love story in their own way.

Their wedding is a total inspiration for anyone wanting to mix their own culture with a personal twist. Madai’s got some advice for couples planning their big day: don’t be afraid to get creative and express yourself, but keep it true to your cultural roots. It’s a great reminder that every love story is one-of-a-kind and should have a celebration just as unique.

Suits and Surprises: Autumn wedding Attire

Looking for the perfect wedding dress turned into its own adventure for Madai. It was never just about the material, the style, or the design for her. It was all about finding that one dress that felt like it was made just for her, something that truly matched her personality. The emotional significance of her dress adds a whole new layer to her story, showing how important it is to choose something that feels right, that screams ‘you’.

Goobin, on the other hand, was all about finding a suit that captured the essence of the season, showing off just how much thought they put into every detail of their wedding. Goobin and his best man, Mozzy, in their perfectly coordinated suits, were the epitome of love, fashion, and a touch of fun, bringing their own unique vibe to a wedding that was anything but ordinary.

Furry Family Makes the Perfect Entrance

Mozzy, the four-legged member of Madai’s and Goobin’s family, wasn’t just hanging around in the background of their love story—he was right there in the thick of it. Having Mozzy there added a playful vibe and a sense of completeness to their special day. His big moment, rocking a tailor-made suit just like Goobin’s, was not only heart-melting but also a beautiful nod to what family means, all-inclusive.

It’s these small touches that make a wedding truly stand out and mirror what the couple stands for. Here, it’s all about embracing everyone as family, no matter how many legs they have, in this big celebration of love.

The Final Word on Seoul’s Autumn Romance

Madai and Goobin’s fall wedding was more than a celebration of love; it was a lesson in personalization. They swapped vows, blended traditions, and started an adventure, proving that weddings are best when they’re unique. For couples planning their day, remember: there’s no right way to say ‘I do.’ Your love story and wedding should reflect your uniqueness. Moreover, a wedding isn’t just an event; it’s the start of your shared story. So, make it memorable, personal, and true to your love.

special thanks to:

Makeup artist: Gene Goh

Wedding Venue: Luna de Blanc

Cherishing Love in Seoul: Madai’s and Goobin’s Autumn Wedding Journey

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