A couple in wedding attire walks down the aisle outdoors, surrounded by seated guests who are clapping and standing in an aisle lined by chairs. Trees and greenery serve as the backdrop to this enchanting Korean wedding.

Lorryn Smit

June 1, 2024

A couple in wedding attire walks down the aisle outdoors, surrounded by seated guests who are clapping and standing in an aisle lined by chairs. Trees and greenery serve as the backdrop to this enchanting Korean wedding.

In the serene coutryside of Korea, where the beauty of nature meets impeccable elegance, a unique love story unfolded. The Korean destination wedding of two passionate equestrians not only celebrated their deep bond but also showcased their shared love for horses. I was particularly excited about this wedding as my sister is an equestrian herself, and it gave me a sense of comfort to be around the stables again. This completely customised wedding is a testament to the perfect blend of natural elegance and unforgettable moments.

A Venue Steeped in Memories: Sonofelice Equestrian Club

Our chosen venue wasn’t just any location; it was the Hongcheon Equestrian Club, a place that held a special place in our hearts. We visited this club nearly every week, creating countless memories that made it an ideal backdrop for our wedding. Destination weddings in Korea might not be the norm, especially in the beautiful countryside, but for us, it was perfect. It was a joy to share our story with our guests in a place so close to our hearts. Our mostly Korean guests enjoyed the crisp autumn breeze and the stunning natural surroundings of Hongcheon.

Natural Elegance: A Rustic Wedding with a Touch of Whimsy

For our rustic wedding, I envisioned a natural, unpretentious ambiance. The true showstopper of the ceremony altar was the floral arrangements. We opted for massive plant boxes overflowing with flowers and greenery, reminiscent of a charming English garden. When planning the wedding I wasn’t comfortable spending so much of my budget on flowers that would likely only be used for a day, so I found a gardener who delivered the plant boxes back to our home after the wedding. Now, we get to enjoy these beautiful reminders of our special day on our terrace every year – if we manage to keep them alive that is!

Favorite Details: Personal Touches and Unexpected Moments

One of my favorite details that added a touch of whimsy to our day was the incorporation of carrots from a local farmhouse for our photoshoot with friends. It was my husband’s idea, and everyone loved holding these cute little carrots. Another unforgettable moment was the cake cutting during the reception. While unplanned, Terrance and I found ourselves spontaneously cutting and sharing cake with all our guests. The beautiful AND delicious cake became a highlight, and I’ll never forget those intimate moments of sharing little chats with loved ones.

The Dress: A Perfect Choice for a Rustic Wedding

My original vision for a wedding dress was more modern and elegant. However, when I saw a ribbon-detailed dress from Honor, it stole my heart. Initially, I worried it might be too “cute” for a wedding, but it felt so “me.” Looking back at the photos captured by our wedding photographers, I have no regrets about choosing a dress that reflected my personality and fit the rustic elegance of our wedding.

The Suit: Natural Sophistication for the Groom

Terrance’s suit from Lerici perfectly complemented the natural elegance of the wedding. With its natural shape and subtle sheen, it looked perfect in the sunlight. He loved the suit so much, he even ordered another jacket and a casual suit from Lerici after the wedding!

Looking Back: Tips for Future Brides & Grooms planning a Korean Wedding

Here’s what we learned: Don’t skimp on the wedding cake (I initially had doubts)! I’m also glad we customized everything because that personal touch made our day even more special. Hiring both digital and film photographers, along with a wedding videographer in Korea, ensured we captured every precious moment. And, for a truly unforgettable experience, consider incorporating your shared passions, like Terrance’s grand finale – a little showjumping performance with our beloved horse, Mitty, during the reception!

A Word of Advice: Embrace the Unexpected

I wish I had made some time to see all the reception settings myself. There were definitely some last-minute changes I would have made, but I’ve learned to let it go. My advice to future brides is to try to view the setup before the event starts, if possible.

Funny little memories

While there’s value in planning, sometimes the best moments are unplanned. For instance, the venue managers, having never hosted a wedding before, had some music hiccups. However, my sister remarked on how the lack of music during the ceremony created a unique and natural ambiance. We decided to roll with it, adding another unexpected touch to our special day.

Standout Vendors: Making Our Dream Wedding in Korea a Reality

Every vendor we worked with, from the photographers and caterers to the videographer, played a crucial role in making our wedding day perfect. Their dedication and professionalism ensured that our Korean wedding unfolded exactly as we dreamed, even with a few unplanned moments.

The wedding of two equestrians in the picturesque Korean countryside was a beautiful celebration of love, nature, and shared passion. From the meaningful venue to the elegant attire, every detail was thoughtfully chosen to reflect the couple’s unique story. With the help of dedicated vendors and a touch of improvisation, their special day was unforgettable.


Venue: Sonofelice Equestrian Club

Planner: Yunice Lee

Digital Photographer: Lorryn Smit

Film photographer: Andam Film

Videographer: The Chance Film

Catering: The Catering 45

Equestrian Wedding in Korea: Natural Elegance Meets Rustic Charm | Unforgettable Wedding Story

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