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February 10, 2023

There’s something so special about capturing family photos in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. When you opt for a photo shoot in your home, you create an opportunity to capture moments that are uniquely yours—from a baby’s first smile or steps taken, to a toddler’s laughter and all the love shared between family members. Although it might seem daunting to prepare for a home photoshoot, I’ve got some tips that will make the process an enjoyable one!

Choose Your Spot Wisely

Finding the perfect spot in your house for your photoshoot is the key to creating beautiful memories. Decide which room(s) has the most natural lighting and clear away clutter that could potentially disrupt your photos. Natural light can add a nice glow to any photo, so find a room that has plenty of natural light coming through. If desired, add props like blankets or furniture pieces for extra cozy vibes! Try also to avoid direct sunlight coming through the windows as this can cast harsh shadows on faces and make it difficult for your photographer to get good shots.

You should also keep in mind that the background doesn’t have to be limited to walls—think bookshelves, staircases, and even fireplaces! Whatever location you decide upon should be uncluttered and free from distractions so that all eyes are focused on what matters most—your family!

What to Wear?

Once you’ve chosen where you’d like your shoot, it’s time to think about outfits! This can be tricky because everyone wants their outfit choices to coordinate without looking too “matchy-matchy”. I always tell clients to choose one family member’s outfit and then create a colour palette around that. Remember the joy of planning out a perfect day with your little one? You can bring this spirit back to life by using their outfit as an inspiration for creating stunning colour palettes that will make everyone in the family stand out. Alternatively, you can consider opting for neutral colors such as whites, creams and tans that will blend seamlessly into any environment. This way you can focus less on planning outfits and more on creating lifelong memories with your loved ones during this special moment captured together. As much as possible, avoid wearing clothing with loud logos or words that may distract viewers from appreciating your beautiful family bond. If you’re feeling stuck on what to wear, check out websites like Pinterest for inspiration!

Take it from me: when shooting with small kids, stick to a single garment. Sure, we love creating wonderful memories; however excessive wardrobe swaps can quickly put even the most photogenic of children into an irritable state – and who wants that? Instead keep them comfy in one ensemble so they’re always ready for picture-perfect magic!

Hair and makeup?

For those who want to embrace their natural beauty, there’s no need to worry about having professional hair and makeup done before your photo shoot; it shouldn’t be a source of stress! But if you’re in search of an extra boost – whether that’s for the milestone event or just because why not?- then consider letting someone else take care of making sure you look picture-perfect. For expectant mamas and new moms especially this can provide some much-deserved pampering as well as peace during preparation.

Gather Props

Consider incorporating some props into your photoshoot such as blankets, baskets, hats, or headbands for baby girl shoots; props such as toys or stuffed animals can also offer interesting perspectives and fun accents! Additionally, think about bringing items from around your home that have significance—like an heirloom blanket from grandma—as these will make beautiful memories of baby’s first days even more special when looking back on them later.

Creating the Perfect Ambience

To ensure everyone is feeling calm and relaxed during the shoot, it helps to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting. Showing emotion in photos can create beautiful memories that will last forever so encourage everyone in the family to show off their personalities during the shoot—laughing, smiling, playing games—anything that makes them feel happy and comfortable in front of the camera! If you have small children who may be uncooperative during shoots try bringing along some of their favorite toys or snacks as incentives for cooperation! Also, it’s best to make sure they’ve eaten beforehand or offer snacks during breaks in between shots so they aren’t too distracted by hunger pangs when its time for picture taking!

Family photos are timeless treasures designed to remind us of all our happiest moments together as one unit. And there is no better way of capturing those precious memories than by having them taken at home surrounded by those we love most dearly. By following these tips when preparing for a family photoshoot inside your house, you can ensure that every single picture will be just as special as those unforgettable memories made within its walls. So get ready for some fun times ahead — because now it’s time to start making magic!

Capturing the Magic of Family at Home with a Photoshoot: A guide

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