A Korean Wedding Photoshoot on Jeju Island

Lorryn Smit

January 25, 2023

Nothing quite beats the romance of a winter wedding photoshoot on Jeju Island. With its romantic landscapes, charming village vibes, and endless photo ops, this idyllic island will make you want to keep your special moment alive forever.

Six years ago, Sabi and Jessica crossed paths in a magical moment that changed the course of their lives. They forged an extraordinary bond despite language barriers with sheer determination to understand each other’s hearts through love. Their relationship bloomed as they explored new horizons together around the world; when it was time for them to settle down, marriage seemed like the natural next step!


We actually lived and worked in Jeju for a year prior. When it came to planning our wedding, we knew that it would be a wasted opportunity not to have our pre-wedding photos taken on the island, since we actually moved back for another year. ~ Jess


Sabi’s only request for Lorryn was for our photos to seem naturally taken and not so systematically posed like you see with most Korean wedding photoshoots. I also felt the same way, but I also created a Pinterest board of photos that I thought would fit both of our aesthetics – outdoors, lots of natural light, and just romantic and fun! ~ Jess


We are having a traditional Korean-style wedding at a hanok, so for our pre-wedding photoshoot, we decided to wear a wedding dress and suit (shout out to Nana Dress for letting us reserve late, and working with whatever we requested). ~ Jess

FAVE DETAIls of your KOREAN wedding photoshoot?

We were expecting the weather that day to be cloudy and overcast, but as we drove to our first location with Lorryn, the sun suddenly came out, and graced us with all this beautiful, natural light! It was a great omen, and although we love all of the photos Lorryn shot for us that day, those somewhat impromptu photos of us between the trees, made the whole photoshoot. ~ Jess


We’re glad we chose Lorryn as our photographer for our Korean wedding photos because she knows what natural photography is and she also knows Jeju Island super well. She made us comfortable, and it felt like we already knew each other well before the shoot had started. ~ Sabi


I thought I would be able to do a clothing change easily, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. If you plan on doing multiple outfit changes, then you have to plan it all out more meticulously (decide at which location and when exactly you want to change your look) or plan to book the photographer for more than one day. ~ Jess


Sabi and I have a lot of inside jokes, but I love that Lorryn just played along with our humor, and responded positively to our silliness. ~ Jess


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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot on Jeju Island: Sabi and Jessica

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