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September 10, 2022

Stone & Eunice’s “how we met” story could very well be off the set of a movie. Imagine winning a date with the future love of your life at a Date Auction Fundraiser! And then, if that isn’t romantic enough, a wedding proposal in a canyon (with a sheer drop) at Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Followed by a destination wedding in Seoul, Korea. I have no doubt in my mind that these are two amazing, adventurous souls who were meant to be together!

Here’s how their beautiful wedding in Seoul unfolded…

Say YES to the dress:

Who better to tell this story than Eunice herself: “Finding a dress during the COVID-19 pandemic was tricky, but the silver lining for me was having a unique and beautiful memory made with a few of my friends. I ordered a dress online (with high hopes), and my friends came over to my home with champagne and their own choices of wedding dresses for me to try on before I tried on my selection (which ended up being the one I said “yes” to).  I loved that it all worked out and that I could still have a “say yes to the dress” moment with some of my closest girls!”

The suit:

Stone sourced his tux from a store called Suit Supply in the US. The very same store that the couple visited on their first date. Talk about coming full circle!

The Venue:

In keeping with Stone and Eunice’s adventurous spirits, Ailey House a wedding venue on the Han River in Seoul played host to their special day. In their own words: “We always planned to have our ceremony in Seoul, but also desired a blend of styles between what we love about modern Korean, and US-style weddings.  We never thought a boat would become our venue, but the venue’s wonderful hospitality and willingness to make this moment for us truly bespoke in so many ways made it undeniably “The One”.

The vibe:

Definitely focused on family and friends! There are many obstacles in the process of planning a destination wedding from halfway across the world. The couple had to relinquish control and expectations of a lot of the little details. But the one non-negotiable detail for them was spending the time to bring their family and friends together to experience something a little new, different and joyful in this once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

Take on tradition:

Stone & Eunice got creative and worked on a few elements of a traditional Korean ceremony (usually reserved for a family-only audience) throughout their ceremony and reception. The officiant took care to call out the symbolism of key items and traditions, and perhaps the most memorable was inviting their guests to partake in the Pyebaek ceremony as the intro to dinner. The guests (traditionally the parents) gather a pile of dates and chestnuts and throw them toward the couple. The number of dates and chestnuts the happy couple catch in a cloth represent the number of children they will have, with dates representing sons, and chestnuts representing daughters – some guests took this ceremony rather TOO enthusiastically!

Fave details:

For Eunice, the details that were most precious included ways she honoured the memory of the iconic women in her life, wearing her mother’s ring, and her sister and maid of honour wore their grandmother’s necklace, etc.

For Stone, it was the assortment of cakes for dessert and placing them at different tables so guests could mingle and meet. Although he was devastated he couldn’t try them all 🙂

A word of advice:

“Planning an overseas wedding can be quite daunting as there are quite a few variables that are out of your control. I would definitely recommend using a wedding planner that is experienced in the location where you want to get married.

We’re glad we….

We’re really glad we hired Sarah as our wedding planner! She was absolutely invaluable in making this wedding happen!











A special thanks for the help of second shooter, Marco Devon

Seoul Wedding: Stone & Eunice’s Destination Wedding (on a boat)

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