Lorryn Smit

September 17, 2022

Vlad and Diana met 7 years ago. It wasn’t love at first sight. But they immediately found a common language and began to spend a lot of time talking. It was her first year in South Korea and it was really hard for her. Vlad helped Diana to adapt, understand the local culture, (as he had been here for two years). They became friends. Every evening they met in a coffee shop after work to study and spent hours and hours chatting.

Six months later they started dating suddenly. Diana says; “We were only 22 and neither of us planned anything serious, we just had fun. But then we realized that it was very hard to say goodbye to each other every day until the next evening and decided that we wanted to live together. Just like that, we rented our first apartment and never parted.”

“He didn’t propose to me, there wasn’t all this romantic stuff like in the movies. However, during these 6 years we became a real family, we grew up together, supported each other in a variety of life situations, learned from each other. And then it was time for the wedding. The preparations became a big challenge for us, but we passed it with dignity, and holding each other’s hands.”


Since we had a lot of time to plan the wedding due to the pandemic, we already knew exactly what we needed. We wanted to have a more Western style outdoor wedding and found a great location in the southern part of Korea. It was a pension in the mountains with sea view. Not a place, but a dream. However, it all turned into a nightmare exactly one month before our wedding day due to the organizer’s fault who got the dates confused. We had to search for a new venue in Seoul and found our beautiful venue. I was so grateful for them to agree to work for us on their national holiday.


We wanted everything to be beautiful, but at the same time not too much. We chose three colors: white, green and black and asked our guests to choose outfits that are not too formal, but in these colors. The decorations were in the same colors, there were many white flowers with green leaves and some black details like candlesticks and greeting cards for guests. There were cute light bulbs hung there, which shone with a yellow light and gave a cozy atmosphere. Wooden tables were covered with white translucent tulle in the center. Everything was very beautiful and cute, just the way we wanted.


Hired you, Lorryn 🙂 Because your help and support was very important to me. I was so nervous, and you helped me calm down and distract myself; you worried if I was tired of endless photos with guests; you straightened my dress and made me smile when I wanted to cry.

Thank you very much, you have a big and warm heart!

Seoul Outdoor Autumn Wedding: Vlad and Diana

 Yours will be finessed to celebrate your love, your destiny.

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